My. HairCare™ is the creation of, Rob Forgione & Denis Kovalyov, globally skilled hairdressers, specializing in colour, and hairdressing education.

Both their careers and experience span over many decades. Having worked globally with premium hair care brands, such as multinationals and boutique hair care products, in markets reaching from Europe, USA, Australia, & Russia, Rob & Denis bring together their wealth of knowledge and passion through their My HairCare ™ product line.

My Haircare™  develop hair care that is wellness oriented with emphasis on delivering true wellness brands from cleanest professional grade ingredients to the entire supply chain! There is No Planet B!  My Haircare™  aims to develop hair care that is not only kind to the planet and vegan but also sustainable and sourcing responsible raw ingredients and manufacturing processes for a healthier planet.

Hair care that is unique and on trend delivering results that are easy to use and time efficient for the customer. Vegan and plant-derived ingredients for all hair and skin types.

My Haircare™  aspires to be the market leader in sustainable wellness driven hair care.

Denis and Rob are regulars at Paris & NYC Fashion Weeks.  Hairdressers with a passion to create beautiful haircare for the My. Haircare™ guest.  The brand is named My.HairCare™ after the concept of guests in salons who talk to their stylists about: “My Style”, “My Curls”, “My Cut”, “MyColour”!